The Ionian Islands are a captivating yacht charter destination. With seven stunning islands strewn along the Grecian Sea this intoxication location is irresistible. Steeped in exotic scenery and laced with wildflowers the islands of Cephalonia, Corfu, Ithaki, Kythira, Lefkada, Paxi and Zakinthos each unique in culture and natural beauty.

Boasting a profusion of influences for British and French cultures, the Ionian Islands each exude a different feel to their Aegean neighbours with individuality projecting from their traditions, architecture and atmosphere. Saturated in the Grecian sun just to the west coast of the mainland, the Ionian Islands have long been a popular charter destination. From adrenaline fuelled activities to peaceful walks around quaint towns steeped in antiquity the Ionian Islands offer a plethora of opportunities for every visitor. Inspiration is easily found in trekking the richly-forested mountains, dive into the deep iridescent sea or windsurf off the pebbly coastline. As they are generally less windy than the Aegean Islands, the Ionian Islands are often popular in the summer for luxury yacht charters.

To the north of the Ionian Islands lies Corfu, draped with a myriad of hidden treasures, this beautiful island radiates a tangible buzz which is palpable for all who visit. Meander along olive groves and roam along the stunning villages inland, each offering a vivacious character. To the islands capital of Corfu Town, guests will find an abundance of picture perfect harbours, quaint anchorages and romantic town squares. For those intrigued by Greece’s eventful history, there are many opportunities beyond the capital to admire the remnants of an ancient world.


Cephalonia is one of the most famous Ionian Islands as well as being the largest. Brimmed with copious mountains and an assortment of idyllic beaches, this island is perfect for sun worshippers. The town of Fiskardo is steeped in history, being the only town to survive the islands devastating earthquake, the streets have many stories to tell. The capital of Argostoli is as cosmopolitan as they come. Explore this intriguing town of venetian buildings and verdant forests.


Ithica is a quaint and island which emulates a seductive elegance and charm. Home to Homer’s Odysseus, what this tiny island lacks in size is made up in unparalleled opulence. Considered to be the diamond of the Ionian Islands, Ithica is overflowing with chic cafes, designer shops and charming bars.


Surrounded by azure waters and lush with greenery, Zakynthos is a magical and vibrant island. With a lively social scene and an invigorating nightlife this island boasts the very best of ultimate relaxation with dancing into the small hours.

The Ionian Islands are an idyllic charter vacation boasting myths, legends and heroes of a time gone by which lures visitors back time and again. If you are interested in exploring the clear waters of the Heptanese, there is a wide selection of superyachts which are available for private rental, view all crewed luxury Greece charter yachts on our website


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